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If that’s what you are looking for. You have come at the right place.

This is what I eat in a day to build muscle.


You can replace eggs with whey protein isolate. To watch the detailed version of this recipe, click here

Click here to watch a vegetarian breakfast recipe:


To watch the vegetarian, vegan and eggetarian versions of the same recipe click here


To know why you should not buy mass gainer shake from the market, click here

Also to know 7 other pre workout meal options, you can checkout this video


To find out other post workout meal options, click here.


You can replace chicken with 150 grams of low fat paneer, egg white bhurji, 150 grams of tofu or pulses.

You can replace sweet potato with 100 grams of brown rice, 2 whole wheat chapatti or 60 grams of oats.

Make sure you do not skip salad. It gives you the essential vitamins and minerals. Also, it helps in bowel movements.


Prefer making paneer at home from a low fat milk. Just boil the milk and add lemon to separate paneer.

Make sure you are drinking enough water and drinking it the right way. Click here to watch the video:

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33 Responses

  1. Peel off the skin of almond before eating

  2. roy thomas says:

    Bro… Ur videos are very informative and simple… And not boring at all… One suggestion.. If u can make videos in hindi u will get more subscribers

  3. Vivek Bro Love U..
    I am From Pakistan and new to your channel.
    amazing, informative and of full healthy tips.
    One day U will get million subs👍

  4. Crisp….To the point…Perfect ….Cheers Bro

  5. money singh says:

    yr pehla aapni body ta bna le fr guide kri loka nu

  6. Akash Gurjar says:

    Bhai Hindi ma video banata To
    Jada subscribe ka sath jada people ap ko chata

  7. Dheeraj Jha says:

    Nice diet plan bro…but it is only possible when u stay at home the whole day which is not possible for everyone….

  8. iqbaal khan says:

    Oh brother whare is roti

  9. galib khan says:

    i like how jolly you are :) !

  10. Goodness PC says:

    Nice guy.. No fake accent & not trying to act smart.. This guy needs to be encouraged for being authentic to his self..

  11. suraj pawar says:

    what type of lean mass your r going to gain dont know……… in your every meal the ratio of carbs is higher then the fat and protein at the end of the day your just going to add stored fat in your body thats it.

  12. zyzzz 14 says:

    Hey bro how can we contact you

  13. Rocky Dahiya says:

    Hey buddy… hahaha I'm fan of your disappearing with a pinch playing acting… Keep Uploading good stuff and I'll promote you on my brother's page. And that is….


  14. Can i put a pinch of salt and pepper powder on egg white?

  15. Can u please say me???
    I can't afford whey
    What should I drink????
    What about buttermilk???

  16. Bhai ek baat batao yhe half cup of uncooked rice kitna hota h bhai hum toh indian hai hume gram main bataya karo

  17. bro….low fat milk means??
    what should i ask to the shopkeeper??

  18. Yash Nagda says:

    didn't you eat rasgulla.. 😁😁

  19. Tarun Parmar says:

    What about roti / chapati ????

  20. Rahul Jaglan says:

    phir bhi koi jyada achi body nhi h

  21. Bhai mai start karne ki such ra hu.meri height 6.3 hai aur weight 86kg. Tips de do

  22. Waqas Tahir says:

    Itne eggs nahi khaane chahiye 3 eggs are just good , More eggs may cause high cholestrol

  23. Wow, nicely done video.. simple, to the point and straight forward.. a big thumbs up, I have subscribed to ur channel..keep it up

  24. Rahul sharma says:

    Thanks for this Vid Man. Been looking for this very badly.

    I have one question. I often feel hungry at midnight, as i sleep at 1-2 AM. What do you suggest , what should i eat when i feel hungry at that time of the day. ??

    Looking forward to your response.

  25. Don’t we get bored by eating the same meal every day

  26. Arijit Gupta says:

    No dinner for me. I can't look at the dinner you have cooked for yourself. I would rather skip that dinner. How to eat that everyday!? I would rather enjoy a good dinner like every indian do and go to sleep. Maybe add some fats like nuts and eat a little chocolate before I go to sleep. The sleep will be better quality that way.

  27. Sir is it good to invest in air fryer…

  28. man this is the best presentation of a gym diet I have ever seen on the net. it's so easy to follow and also much easier to make. you are my guru. Greetings from the USA . I appreciate it bro

  29. very nice ,keep it up.

  30. Nice 👍 video but ur English sucks

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