Complete ARM WORKOUT | Blast Fat & Add Muscle

Welcome back babes! This workout is for my girls that love to hit biceps and triceps together – 3 supersets plus a killer burn out to assist in burning arm fat and adding muscle. GO GET IT GIRL! xo

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Top & Bottom: Lululemon (Flow & Go pants)

Kylie Cosmetics 22 liquid lipstick with Jouer Skinny Dip lip topper



♡Cellucor C4 pre-workout

♡PEScience High Volume pre-workout

♡Xtend BCAA’s


♡Muscle Milk 100% Whey Protein

♡Beverly International Protein



♡ Wireless Headphones:

♡ Skillz Resistance Bands:

♡ Kodiak Protein Pancakes

♡ Kodiak Protein Pancakes – DARK CHOCOLATE

♡ Food Scale:

♡ Premier Protein

♡ Camera I use:



Superset 1 | 3 sets total
15 horizontal cable tricep extensions
15 lateral cable tricep extensions

Superset 2 | 3 sets total
15 squatting isolated cable bicep curl (with rope)
15 single-arm cable bicep curl

Superset 3 | 3 sets total
12 standing bicep curl with plate
15 overhead tricep extension with plate

Optional: BURN OUT | 3 sets
10 tricep (military) push-ups

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41 Responses

  1. I Absolutely Love You & Your Vids!!

    But is there anyway we can do more home workouts?!?! I always workout at home & I don't have all this equipment! 😏😏😭

  2. Did this yesterday …. triceps burning today !!! Great set

  3. I have a skinny fat body, is this workout good for me cause I want muscle in my arms 😂

  4. Doing this routine tomorrow, think I'm going to love it!

  5. Hey Whitney Simmons big fan of your channel, I watched this video and was like finally someone who knows what to do to blast the arm fat away, and I did everything in the video but I didn't feel anything in my arms, like I left the gym feeling like I didn't do anything in there so maybe you can give this girl some tips about what I did wrong. Once again big fan of you😊

  6. Whitney can you please do a post on the various shoes you wear when you train? Thanks!

  7. Omg I love you haha this was so motivating !!!


  9. How often should I do this to blast arm fat?? How many times a week?

  10. a m says:

    how do u concentrate with all the super fit cute guys

  11. Paola Yara says:

    Instead of 12-15, I do 20 reps instead. Is that bad, or will results be the same?

  12. That lippie tho 😍😍😍 love you Whit! Always inspiring me ♡♡

  13. Trying this out today ! I always go to your channel for workout inspo! You're great girl

  14. FabiM _ says:

    You're such a light :)

  15. wtf how did I barely just find you. You have a great fun personality and you just put me in a good mood to work out

  16. could i do this workout with dumbells only?

  17. kk t- says:

    how much weight is she using??

  18. Rjt Smoove says:

    she's hottttttt😌😌😌😌 dude

  19. Sidney Moore says:

    when you bring your phone to the gym because you want to get these awesome exercises in but you keep looking at your phone constantly to see the next exercise and people are looking at you like, "are you really working out or texting?" and then you get paranoid for the rest of your workout

    look away, look AWAY 😅

  20. Hey Whit, How do you know whether or not you need to first lose fat or you are ready to build muscle?
    Thanx, Love your Vids. 💚

  21. t.amore says:

    OMG. this is actually hilarious! This is Vasa on Brickyard right? wtf wtf this is my gym I wen to before I moved to the avenues… LMAO

  22. Hamda A says:

    is the legs always bent to prevent injury?

  23. Absolutely love your workout videos and have added this one and the body fat burn HIIT to my 6 day a week weight training. Thanks for such positive and motivational Vlogs 🙌🙌

  24. Is there even a difference doing bicep curls on a cable machine vs Dumbbells?

  25. Okay okay..okay (in my whit voice)…just did your arm workout …and I'm DYING! my arms are shayy-kiingggggh

  26. Okay okay..okay (in my whit voice)…just did your arm workout …and I'm DYING! my arms are shayy-kiingggggh

  27. I have a quick question why do you stand like that during the workout at 2:10 and 2:32 does that help with something vs standing up straight ?

  28. Jessica Gorz says:

    Do you not do shoulders?

  29. missleigh says:

    You workouts are literally my go to when i'm in the gym bc I have no idea what to do haha

  30. I tried these workouts today. I stopped at squatting bicep curl. I was doneeee. I'll do better tomorrow lolol 💀

  31. Laura Garcia says:

    I've been looking for a good arm workout video, glad i came across your channel :)

  32. Thank you Great workout.. Keep up with the good work Well done 👍

  33. Glossy lips look PHENOMENAL on you giirrrllll! ❤️❤️❤️

  34. As someone who is completely new to working out, how often would i do this? Once a week and move up? Thank you!

  35. This was aaaawful, my arms were on fire Whit lol

  36. This is so perfect and so are all of your videos. I'm a fan ❤️

  37. Hakanasw says:

    Thank you! Love your workouts and that you write them out below 😀

  38. Sienna Rios says:

    I'm only 15 and I hate my arms!! Idk I feel like I have fat arms but I don't want muscular arms I just want slimmer arms will these workouts give me slimmer arms?

  39. It's an arm day for me 💪🏼

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