How to Plan Workouts in a Week

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36 Responses

  1. webad89 says:

    what do you think about upper/lower split?
    monday:upper body
    tuesday:lower body
    thursday:upper body
    friday:lower body
    sunday:upper body
    monday:lower body
    etc..just adding rest day after two workout days..this is my main workout..

  2. I was doing 3 sets of lever progression (tucked) with 3 minutes pause in between sets. Then i did basic pull strenght exercises for about half an hour. I did this workout two days ago and my rear shoulder and back muscles are still very sore. Also my back triceps head is sore a lot haha. I can't imagine having workouts so close together. I need at least one day in between workouts. I don't know if im doing anything wrong? Apreeciate your answer, thanks and good luck.

  3. Great video man. I'm English but watching from Spain. Great fan.
    You cover subjects that other youtubers don't even touch and that' taken into consideration.
    Keep up the good work.
    By the way, I love your accent.

  4. about over 40 is got be the same. Anderson Machado from Brazil .

  5. Pablo Clavo says:


    How many reps and sets for beginners

  6. Head Bsrkr says:

    Mate please answer
    This is my workout routine
    Monday – Back and biceps
    Wednesday – chest and triceps
    Friday – Ieg and abs
    Is this enough because i do weighted calisthenics and my goals is stronger and some muscle?

  7. Tara says:

    if you are doing 2 days each for push,pull and legs and abs. where do important Hiit/cardio workouts for endurance and rest days dedicated for mobility and stretching fit in? there's only 7days in a week lol not enough days

  8. James Quimby says:

    This was excellent advice that I really needed. I am going to switch things up between push and pull days and only work two skills at a time.

  9. is it good to do like this
    2 days resr
    and repeat all

  10. Hi trainingpal. I very love your videos, you are a great coach, but, can you make a video about your pull routine?

  11. kyor6220 says:

    This is one of the nicest channels on YouTube! Great work man

  12. this video reminds me of a book calling Overcoming Gravity ^^ the bible of bodyweight traning :)

  13. ricardo says:

    are muscle split workouts bad?

  14. W koncu material, ktory czarno na bialym pokazuje jak najlepiej rozplanowac trening!! Dziekuje za wstawke.

  15. Undecided says:

    Thanks so much so informative I'm glad you can share your knowledge :) seriously thanks

  16. Muscle up is push or pull session?? 😛

  17. Great to see that your skill… Try Unflexal workouts to be more flexal :)

  18. Zac Van says:

    What I did is 3 strength training days, considered of both push and pull, and 3 days of cardio. When I have all of that stuff finished, I have 2 full days to rest. What do you think?

  19. do we realy need a full body rest day??

  20. threalcain says:

    hoe to create a workout program with weight lifting and calisthenics? ( working on skills aswells)

  21. Can you do a video on what you're typical pull day looks like? I found your push day video very helpful. Thanks!

  22. That was one of the most informative videos I have seen regarding bodyweight training splits and routines. Thank you very much. I have one simple question -you said that 3-day on, 1 day off split is the most optimal in your opinion. Is training "pull" exercises like pullups every 4 days enough to make progress and strength gains over time? It's not too much time in between? I am afraid of that.

  23. Hello!! great video and info, i only have a question, How would you add swimming to that workout? because I would like to do both

  24. KuaBoii says:

    So how much calorie intake would a 5'7 135 ib. person need a day?

  25. Aimer Peter says:

    this is best video what I ever seen

  26. can you do a pull session video plzz

  27. i do 1 full body workout day and 1 rest day : all day life :)

  28. Carl John says:

    Thank you for you advice 😬

  29. israel hazan says:

    what if i have poor flexbility and mobility and would like to give it more time. wouldn't full body with flexbility routine in between would be better? plus most calisthrnics youtuber reccomend high frequincy on skill training. i am intermidiate but i also feels that training only twice a weej for skill like handstand would be not optimal. i geuss you just showed the way you work. respect i like your videos anyway:)

  30. Great video you answer a lot of question I had but I need help.How can I train cardio and flexibility ?I was thinking in a Day with only cardio and flexibility but What do you recomend me?.
    P.D:Sorry for my bad English

  31. Tolga says:

    hello, for pull session what can i do other than pull/chin ups and rows? thanks

  32. tania chand says:

    Which is superior, upper body/lower body, push/pull/legs or full body workouts? For someone who has been training for a few years and practices calisthenic skills twice a week as well as boxing once a week.

  33. Hey man
    I have a question about your app. Is the "Basic strength" option enough for a upper-body training session? I'm asking because of the description of the option, saying that it prepares your body for a specific skill. Can it be used alone or is it JUST to "warm up" your body?

  34. Ali Wilson says:

    This video came out at the perfect time. Thanks heaps!

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