How to Start Trainning Calisthenics+Get your Workout Plan Free ( beginner guide)

If you like routine just comment below and i will post in the next video

يمكنكم اتباع هذا روتين لمدة شهر او شهرين او حتى 3 المهم الاستمرارية في التدريب وعدم التوقف لان هذا من اهم الطرق التي تؤدي الى التقدم و تذكروا ان البداية دائما ما تكون صعبة فقط تحتاج الإرادة و عزيمة و مواصلة عند ظروف صعبة و بماان هذه رياضة صعبة تحتاج الى وقت لرؤية نتائج لكن بالعمل الجاد يمكنكم الوصول انتم أيضا

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30 Responses

  1. Mimic Book says:

    Nice video ! 😉 keep the good work up 😀 your brother from sfisef 😛

  2. NESTRO X says:

    there you go ! I can see the evolution on your body 😉 make a vedio about your full day of eating or more advanced programs 😀

  3. lyes kanouda says:

    win tskon fi dzair khoya l3ziz

  4. Bass Dropper says:

    Do u have skype? If yes add me: cryptic014 cuz i need some good tips and i also have some important questions :)

  5. Bass Dropper says:

    how many push ups should i do in 1 set?

  6. thnks a lot i'm on my way to this

  7. Oliver S says:

    Thanks for posting man – keep them coming!

  8. Fleelix says:

    Like i can do everything except those pullups.

    Its the same i had with push ups, now i can do them fine but first i coudlnt even do 2. I keep doing the native one for pullups but i cant do it the normal way yet.

    Also all these exersises in what time frame do you recommend them> ?

  9. الله يقويك ما شاء الله تبارك الرحمن

  10. Show us the progressions to achieve the Typewriter pull up

  11. Sahit !!! Typewriter pullups

  12. Really useful video bro! Keep on doing this kind of videos!!! You're amazing! 💪
    Salute ✌

  13. khobza dz says:

    Good Work Bro 😉 Keep it up <3

  14. Hey! Can you pls check out my best of Michael Vazquez? Would appreciate an opinion about it or a sub, thanks!:) Great video btw!

  15. الله يبارك فغاغ

  16. Follow This routine and start training today :)

  17. Ótimo vídeo irmão manda um salve para mi rsrs Brasil

  18. si do says:

    thenx bro :)

    I am waiting for the next video

  19. Tooop Khouya aymen fooor bzf

  20. HvDq!! WeLd Ma!! BaSsah Hder beL areBic PrCq manaFhamCH EnghLishe 😂😂

  21. Unknown Club says:

    Thanks, this video really helped, Well done! :)

  22. Thank you dear brother. you are the best. I wish you success

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