10 Minute Workout for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain | Dr. Pompa Reveals HGH Stimulation

http://drpompa.com/additional-resources/180_solutions/burst-training-top-5-strategies-for-your-best-health-ever Dr. Dan Pompa demonstrate a 10 minute workout for weight loss fat burn, muscle gain, and increased human growth hormone ( HGH ) and testosterone naturally in the right direction for lean muscle. Dr. Daniel Pompa specializes in weight loss resistance, detoxification, diabetes, and nutrition. Using specific hormone optimizing diets, exercise and true cellular detoxification programs to help individuals loose significant weight that they could never loose ( weight loss resistance ). This can all be done in 10 to twelve 12 minute workout or work out ( workout ). Many think burst training is a sexy work out but it’s more of a hormone optimization workout.

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43 Responses

  1. Does this really work

  2. I do same thing sprint for 60min on 5.0m. You will sweat so much

  3. His wife is gorgeous. Drs always have good looking wives. I'm going to try this bc I'm only bulking despite MMA training.

  4. jmorales1 says:

    Dr. Pompa, I appreciate the information. I have some pounds that I would like to shed, and I understand the difference between burst training and prolongad trianing. My question is whether or not combining the two is effective? I am an ultra runner, and my longer training runs can last two-four hours. Can I finish my longer training sessions with a 'burst' workout and achieve 'fat' burning? thanks in advance.

  5. Leo Dlva says:

    so then im doing everything wrong. I run on the treadmill before my workouts to warm up. I do it for about 18 mints and I end up sweating then I do my normal workouts
    this means that im affecting my body ?

  6. thank you so much for clarifying burst training. xx

  7. I had to watch it a couple of times. I was knocking one out, thanks Mrs Pompa.

  8. Ray Fisher says:

    Can I work out with weights on my off day. ? Rather then doing before the arobic training

  9. i am unable to under stand the purpose of this video, i used to run for 30-40 minutes, and burn 450 calories in order to lose weight. this dr. here saying only run run for 3 minutes and run hard …. would i have same results…? plz dr. elaborate

  10. I have not been able to discover any diet plan that actually got the task done and helped me follow-through until now. My partner and i lost over Almost 8 lbs, I could not believe in my eye, I feel very happy now. We only wish I`d searched Google for the diet program "vivi awesome plan" earlier – it would have saved me losing so much time on inferior products.

  11. I finished looking up this diet plan plus its without a doubt the only way to go about dropping weight successfully. Google “sowo amazing plan”! If you carry out your research, you`ll start losing belly fat like me. Already, I have droped 13 pounds.

  12. Chandra Dasa says:

    I have a question —-for HIT —can be take a scoop of protein powder ,or banana, would i be loosing muscle ,since I am already lean and trying to gain some muscle mass .Need Help

  13. Byzantios1 says:

    I have been using a variant of this system on a stationary bike. 30 second bursts with a minute to a minute and a half rest in between for a minimum of 5 bursts, max of 8, depending on how I feel. HIIT is definitely the way to go.

  14. Joe Moda says:

    Can I walk during the resting phase, on the treadmill or do I have to come to a complete stop, like your wife does in the video ?


    Love your work !

  15. KaTzY BigBen says:

    if i do this 3 times a week for example il do it on monday, wednesday, friday. do i rest both saturday and sunday?

  16. Baez Rivera says:

    Hey Dr. Daniel how would a fighter incorporate this?

  17. Somehow this dude reminds me of Mr. Obama.

  18. BluHana06 says:

    Can people over 300+ lbs do this? Looks good for me to do if it's safe to do for bigger people. MY heart is in good health but my breathing is terrible :(

  19. Tonya Stutz says:

    what if you don't have a machine at home?

  20. thanks boss I really appreciate it man God bless

  21. Shau Khan says:

    I love the I'm going to try that I want to to lost 15lb

  22. Does this work for people who have have over 100 pounds to lose

  23. Shijo Joseph says:

    Thank you very much for this information…. want to ask you a simple doubt… I am planning to have some small gym training at home with dumbbells and barbells…. can I do burst training for 10 minutes on the treadmill and follow the gym training? please advise…thanks

  24. xraydelta100 says:

    Thanks for showing the Burst method.

  25. Ok..help me out here everyone. I totally get the cardio "burst"…he didn't say a lot about the weights though…..???? How much do I do and when etc..anyone??? thanks!

  26. artistNexile says:

    Is this what they are now calling HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)? I've just started doing this at the gym and I like it because I don't have to spend as much time doing cardio at the end of my workout sessions.

  27. Indre plumb says:

    does it help seriously?

  28. I know this video was uploaded ages ago but on your days off can you still do light exercise like walking on the tredmill

  29. Mrs. Pompa is….. Well the Dr. Won the Lotto of the lottos, lucky man. Thank u for the advice to u and to ur lovely wife. I will use this approach in my next cardio session.

  30. Will doing hiit on treadmill make my legs bulky?

  31. Sonny James says:

    Is there any scientific data to back these claims up?

  32. i really do the same workup exercise but on the recumbent bike , good video

  33. Soumik Basu says:

    very helpful. Thank u

  34. Soumik Basu says:

    very helpful. Thank u

  35. cvetv7 says:

    Thank you! HalleluYah!

  36. "kisel body building program" is just an great diet instruction which delivers amazing results. I have lost 14 lbs. If you're not conscious of it, just search Google "kisel body building program"

  37. Rue Moi says:

    Good teacher 😊

  38. The best way for heart attack for people without expireance on treadmill or old people.

  39. seemlyme says:

    Everyone should recommend and link this video to their social media

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