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TEENAGE WORKOUT ADVICE! – Want to know more? Head over to www.theleanmachines.com and read our latest blog post to get even more awesomeness!!

We have a vast audience now ranging from 12-all the way up to 65+ which we are so so proud of! What we realised is that we have not uploaded a video for the younger members of our TLM family for a long while, so now it’s your time! If you are a teen or generally just new to training this video is perfect for you. Always remember we are on hand to answer any questions you have also. Check out our facebook page and send us a direct message if you do not want to share anything publicly and keEp being AWESOME!

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Please only attempt exercises from this video if you are fit to do so, if unsure please consult your health care professional first!

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31 Responses

  1. Bob Porker says:

    My advice to teen lifters. There are more muscles in your body than your biceps, pecs, abs and triceps. That's the shit I did when I was younger. Bench + biceps. End workout. Got a little older added legs and shoulders. Was still neglecting the back. If you really want to get strong do compound lifts and make sure not to neglect any area.

  2. Can someone please help me or give me advice on what to eat or what types of exercise I should do?

    I'm 15 years old, 5'7 and around 155 pounds. I used to box for a very long time and I was in great shape but I stopped and I've gained a lot of fat and lost some muscle too. 9 months ago I was 135 on a bad day. I just recently got access to a real gym so that's not a problem. But I'm kinda clueless whenever I step foot into the gym. I want to start eating better but I have a Hispanic background so our regular foods are really greasy and fat. Can't remember the last time my mom served vegetables for dinner. Anyway, my goal is to lose the layer of fat but also increase my muscle size. I'm aiming for that lean, cut muscular body type but not hulk huge. Do I run on the treadmill for hours? Do I do cardio and lifting on the same day? Or do I do them completely separate? If I do cardio will I lose muscle mass? Should I focus on losing the fat first and then gain muscle, or vice versa? What type of cardio? How many calories should I eat a day? Someone please comment and give me advice, it would really help.

  3. lifting any heavy weights above your head MAY AND CAN stunt your growth but not necessarily. shoulder press is an example of an exercise that can stunt your growth

  4. Hey guys i'm sixteen and i'm gonna go to the gym but i need some help :) i don't know what i'll do in a gym like should i use a treadmill everytim i'm done for today, like that stuffs

  5. mo bendy says:

    He looks like jim chapman

  6. Retro Spec says:

    I was 5'7 (1.70m) when I was 12 now I'm 17 and 6'0 3/4 (1.84m). I didn't really grew that much tbh, I went from being the tallest kid in the class and today half of those people outgrowed me. Not that i care tho 😆 I'm a newcomer to the working out stuff i started like a month ago just little before my 17th birthday ( I know to freaking late) I regret i didn't started earlier but now I'm finally confident to do it. Dunno If i i will hold on without fast food and other stuff. I'm also growing out my hair in the process 😊 lulz

  7. Left side, Jim chapmans bro?

  8. _Duskblade _ says:

    Thanks for the advice😃

  9. Andrew White says:

    Im worried about these "advices".
    I asked my trainer if i can go on a diet because i want to reduce my bodyweight.(Im 15 years old).
    He said that im a teengaer and im growing up and i need the food to be healthy.If i go on a diet its not good for my body because it needs every nutrient.

  10. today was my first day, I used some of these tips and hope they work as I go on I'm 15

  11. Hey so I'm 16 i lost 115 pounds and I'm 5 10 and weigh 147 but I want to get some more reliable muscles till I'm 70 percent muscle but faster and Bbut light. I run 3 miles to gym where I do chest legs back etc for a diff day. How many calories should I eat now my BMR is 1640 calories

  12. but what if you are a kid

  13. I'm 10 and I work out with my dad at home I like it because I learn stuff of my dad also thanks for the advise

  14. awesome vid subbed 👌

  15. Konner Brown says:

    Here's a tip. DONT COUNT CALORIES! As a teenager you're still growing, please don't track CALORIES!
    By the way if you don't like 'bland porridge' get some flavoured packets, one step at a time.

  16. MarkasHD says:

    I'm 5'6 and 16, i hate it.

  17. PRYME09 says:

    its actually more easy for a teen to grow muscle compared to 30yr old BUT only if your diet supports it.

  18. I'm 16 and 6"2 I think I'm fine for now

  19. Vuk Zivkovic says:


  20. Love that you focused on a younger age group! Good advice, especially the part about patience. Wish I had seen this a decade ago :)

  21. OSU Watch-UK says:

    im 13, For my news years resolution i have wanted to loose weight but the problem is I don't know were to start. The only thing i have done is starting to eat every meal as i used to never eat breakfast. I would be going to the gym but i have a problem with stress and don't think i could go. have you got any good workouts i could do at home to start me off to loose a bit of weight as it would be really helpful.

  22. Mala Fanai says:

    Delete negativity… Great😊

  23. Brandon Lim says:

    Hey, thanks for the advice, can you guys make a video about making a custom gym routine?

  24. nice vid, guys. i'm 16 and i'm actually not fat, i just have problems with the stomach area, thighs, upper arms, and cheeks!!! 😂😭 i really wanted to start being healthy so i decided 2 days ago that i'd exercise a bit in the morning, drink more water & avoid certain foods and also watch more vids like this here on youtube lol wish me luck!

  25. Okay, so I know teenagers can lift weights and I won't affect their growth but… recently I've read that exercises such as heavy squats or militar presses (which involve weight over the spine) could lead to a decrease in growth, do anybody know anything about this?

  26. Charl H says:

    Can u do more of these videos aimed at teenagers xx

  27. Katie Hughes says:

    thanks guys been looking for advice for ages i finally found the right adive i feel a lot better now thank you

  28. Omar Thabata says:

    Hey I'm thirteen and like really over weight and I was wondering if you can dm me and give me diet tips

  29. Wu Weihong says:

    I am training chest lately but I realised that one side of my chest is slightly larger. Any tips?

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