I Tried A Diet And Fitness Plan Based On My DNA

“I think I am so surprised by the results because nothing has ever worked for me in the past.”

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Dan Reardon

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50 Responses

  1. Bianca G says:

    Good job, that was amazing!
    I wish you would do a follow up in a few months :)

  2. GunWoo Song says:

    Here i am eating chips and drinking soda lol

  3. yay!!! congratulations! i love seeing gals discovering healthy ways to care about their bodies, this is very inspiring.

  4. 2011zeldafan says:

    That girl in the green shorts was running like Phoebe on Friends.

  5. Dream Time says:

    We're sick because the worlds sick, science like all science is proven wrong 20 years later, use your common sense and heal your addiction and never give your genetics, blood or anything else to science. They are funded by the CIA at the hidden root. I am not a hater, I say protect yourself.

  6. Lara Pereira says:

    With a man like that doing exercise with you is 100% better. I wouldn't miss a day.. 😉

  7. "I just wanna be a strong, thick chick!" Yas, girl! 😀

  8. Alwaysbeyou says:

    she looks amazing!

  9. buzzfeed has like a few employees who basically get fat for a video do a fitness challenge then get fat again do another fitness challenge and they just keep repeating this cycle like just let the ppl be fit ffs

  10. nutmeg dc says:


  11. Mike Il says:

    The illumination and position of the body are different in the before-and afte-pictures, this has no real value, exept that this woman who was also good looking before has done more than before for her health.

  12. I would work for buzzfeed to do the workout videos it would be so much fun and very motivating.

  13. They test your DNA to fucking tell you to eat 2000 calories a day, work out, and not eat saturated fat?

  14. Debra Lewis says:

    Women in Hollywood pay millions to have curves or gain weight because skeletons are not attractive 🤢

  15. All these fitness videos is what got me to start my fitness channel,I've always struggled with weight and it's good to know your not alone.

  16. Nistha Shree says:

    what kind of doc should I consult to???

  17. jasmine says:

    damn i wish i have that kind of money to spend on that

  18. Six OfOne says:

    If she lost 11 pounds and 8 of those pounds were fat then what was the other 3 pounds? I expected that she would've gained muscle mass given all the sore muscles she had while working out and muscle weighs more per volume than fat so I thought the results might've shown she lost more fat pounds than total pounds. For example, say she lost 15 pounds of fat but only 11 total pounds which would've meant she put on 4 pounds of muscle. Anyway, I long for the day when everyone knows what kind of food they should eat for maximum health based on their DNA.

  19. She is just so pretty & has a wonderful personality! I want to be her friend so bad 😩

  20. cetriya says:

    so basically she ate cleaner understood the food that she was taking in better and exercise more intensely? Because they didn't really tell me what her routine was like before to see if this really made a difference. So this is all just a gimmick

  21. I'm so fucking proud of her

  22. And I'm watching this while eating a cupcake 😭

  23. Coconut Milk says:

    It would be cool if they included the recipes of the food she ate in the description..

  24. Juniper M says:

    So sooo proud of you girl!!! I'm so happy for you!!

  25. yami bakura says:

    Look at the description yikes

  26. Abby Pianell says:

    This is the healthiest fitness and diet video I've ever seen from Buzzfeed. Great job, girl!

  27. Daisy Taylor says:

    I need this bc I'm skinny and I have fast metabolism so I eat and lose weight fast but what sucks is I don't have stomach fat but when I eat I do so like how am I suppose to work out I need to eat but then what do I workout bc would my abs show if i did ab workout or would not

  28. Daisy Taylor says:

    Her body looks toned like ur butt and face

  29. Mustang says:

    Hate when people say they eat healthy when they clearly dont

  30. I just wanna be a strong thicc chick

  31. Ashley T says:

    she's so cute! I love this :)

  32. Daniel Madar says:

    The credibility of this goes out the window when they provide the following info: Weight = 192 lb. Fat 79 lb. Body fat = 50%. Math much?

  33. This is the 2017 style infomercial.

  34. you could tell she looks good and feels great! GOOD FOR HER!!!

  35. A. De says:

    not to bash on her hard work or anything, but limiting saturated fat and working out more sounds like it would be universally healthy… not specific to her DNA

  36. IKH TV says:

    when i started my diet i kept on loosing 10 to 11 pounds monthly without workingout
    fun fact: males lose weight faster then females…. in your face wamen..jk i respect wamen

  37. IKH TV says:

    my diet based on my dna is 2000 calorie diet

  38. 11 pound weight loss is incredible!

  39. It looked like the weight lost made her jawline stronger and her dimples deeper. <3 <3 <3 and overall she did seem just generally happier like she had a glow because she was doing her best and seeing/feeling the results

  40. "The biggest muscle I've flexed this experience is my brain"
    That is very inspirational.

  41. ThatOneNoob says:

    Now im just gonna be plain honest here but are we sure they are the same person?

  42. She's so inspiring 💖 I would never be able to work so meticulously on my eating habits, and then she was all saying "For there to be significant change you have to work hard, to the point when you think you can't do it, and you want to give up, and you don't know if you can lift that weight up one more time."
    Much love. You're incredible and so inspiring, for body positivity and hard work and healthy living and female and POC empowerment. 💖

  43. What a huge change! Good job :)

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