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  1. MASH2031 says:

    #87. Even though it's looks easy it's looks really challenging. Thanks for the motivation

  2. Love it !! I just need the upper strength to do what you do 😭

  3. You need to take the word "easy" out of your description…..

  4. Paty Ruiz says:

    Iv always had a hard time with dips but yesterday I tried it with the resistance band and it was so much easier thanks u shud do more videos on the Pf 360 :)

  5. Kaylee T says:

    Can you do a work out fully for hips and butt with different machines

  6. Thank you so much for this video!I used to use the bands when I went to physical therapy and I found that they were fun to use for my bad posture. I'm almost 17 and I'm just now planing on going to a local planet fitness with a friend. I don't really have much self esteem so I might be slow at first getting used to such a big place, but everyone starts somewhere right? It's been about a year since therapy and me being the lazy person I am, I never continued my workout so my back isn't in the best of shape. Would you have a video on upper back workouts for posture? If you do that would help a lot if not then maybe for another video?

  7. ChanelChic ! says:

    Thank you sooo much for the video. i want to join a gym. I was never active before like EVER. Now i have a tummy that i want to get rid of. So close to doing the surgery, but i want to actually lose it on my own. I want to try at least and not take the easy way out. You should make a video for beginners who want to lose there stomach something similar to this easy basic things to do at the gym

  8. MsMiniLola says:

    I like the bands, you have great form on using the right muscles on each exercise. Thanks for the vid.

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