Top 10 YouTube Women’s Fitness Channels – TopX Ep.20

Welcome to the twentieth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! You can vote on future episode topics here: Today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 YouTube Women’s Fitness YouTube Channels.

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46 Responses

  1. I appreciate this video so much! Thanks a million!

  2. Park Fitness says:

    What is your diet preferences?

  3. Maya Funk says:


  4. L Darrah says:

    I love Whitney Simmons <3 I wish there was more girls that lift on the list.

  5. Do you have a list for female weight lifting channels?

  6. Murli Menon says:

    Health longer the life, no doubt.

  7. That dog at 8:13 looking at her like "woman… if you don't get these ** clothes off me"

  8. Koala Rizo says:

    I'm pretty sure Kim K didn't exercise for that butt..

  9. Suzanne says:

    I hope this is right..
    10. Passion4Profession
    9. TaraStiles
    8. POPSUGAR Fitness
    7. Yoga With Adriene
    6. Tone It Up
    5. BodyRock ( charliejames1975 )
    4. XHIT Daily
    3. FitnessBlender
    2. BeFit
    1. Blogilates

  10. I expected to see gyms and sexy fitness girls.
    Not this Yoga (anti-christian) bullshits.

  11. any fitness specialist suggest about my videos

  12. Do you every check the qualifications/certifications of the instructors or do you base your top 10 on numbers of subscribers????

  13. Leonialeo says:

    sarahs day is my personal number one! She is more of a lifestyle/fitness content, that is so uplifting and encouraging, she geniuenly makes me want to get fit. 🙌

  14. Nonny Pope says:

    does anyone know how to place the camera for a full body image/videos??

  15. I don't agree, to me it would be: #1 Fitness Blender – #2 Blogilates – #3 Pop Sugar Fitness, 'cause those channels are the ones that have helped me a lot to gain resistance, strength and weight lost, although 2 weeks ago I'm working out only with Fitness Blender.

  16. Fitness Blender is the best

  17. LOVE this. Love that they are voted on their own merits!!

  18. Katha says:

    This list is missing Lucy Wyndham-Reed! Her channel gets you PUMPED by all bodyweight exercises. * * #lucyssquad

  19. Tran Quach says:

    I adore Fitness Blender!

  20. Jess Cairney says:

    they could've had a woman present the best women's fitness channels…

  21. Fitnessblender and Yoga with Adriene all the way. Best combination.

  22. Sam D says:

    how stupid to mention kim's lardass as a point of reference when she's had it surgically enhanced?  and the body rock one is soft porn with a horned up cameraman and rock hard boobs. ha haa, waste.

  23. Can do exercises at home it is really good. I found a “Pro Fitness Coach”who helps me suggest some diet method and exercise which works really good. I managed to lose weight 10 pounds and lost a lot of fat. I found the weight loss plan.Get free coach online ”profitnesscoach4u” (Search it Google)

  24. isnt zuzkalight and body rock the same person?

  25. It made me SOOO happy to see Blogilates on #1!!! I love her!

  26. Carib Spice says:

    Don't be afraid to lift some weights ladies. Body weight exercises will only get you so far as well as the starvation diets. #liftthatshitupandputitbackdown. Repeat.

  27. I love tone it up! There are so many great videos.

  28. Mara Nara says:

    Thanks for not considering women that are interested in going to the gym and lifting weights pfft. I agree with a previous poster that people like Megsquats, chelsealifts, Amanda Bucci, and Jazmine Garcia should be mentioned. They give people insight into their day-to-day nutrition and fitness regiments. Even–although she is not for everyone–Dana Linn Bailey could have been a valuable individual to add to this list; she does some KILLER arm workouts for both genders.

  29. Man, Fitness Blender all the way! Thanks to them I left my eating disorders behind and I've been working out for 6 month, I would have quit long time ago if it wasn't for Kelli and Daniel. Fucking love those guys.

  30. Erica Carter says:

    good video will be checking them all out

  31. And not a single barbell was lifted… 😑😑😥😥

  32. Amna Farooq says:

    n ofcourse pop sugar fitness

  33. Amna Farooq says:


  34. ChelseaHappy says:

    Where is Xhit daily?

  35. Zoe Brown says:

    Most of the people that this person said already subscribe to

  36. heidi somers definitely shouldve made da list

  37. Hliana Papa says:

    FitnessBlender and Yoga with Adriene and you are complete!! These three people are so down to earth and adorable! Not slutty, not sexistic, they don't make you feel ashamed of your body, like you should be perfect..Quite the opposite! Absolutely recommend these 2 channels!!!! Use FB to strengthen, gain muscle mass, endurance etc etc and YwA to calm down, gain flexibility, meditate and find ease with yourself.. Although, I don't doubt the power of yoga on strength anymore. This petite lady is so strong!

  38. Fitness Blender is THE best!

  39. Ele Bubu says:

    fitnessblender for life

  40. i lost 20 pounds in one month by
    fitness blender
    tiffany rothe
    walking with Leslie

  41. this list is such bullshit

  42. I love the yoga channels, I'm not much of a yogi so it's nice to have the option to do it at home with good instruction.

  43. Julie T says:

    Where is the fitness channels representing women using actually heavy weights? Are we not past this stupid idea about women and muscles?

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