The BEST Workout Plan to Build MUSCLE AND STRENGTH

I go over the way that I structure my workouts and how that structure allows me to steadily progress my strength and muscle growth.

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8 Responses

  1. Adam Nelson says:

    I would love if you posted videos on a schedule but… that's not in my power.

  2. Omar V says:

    so u train 6 times a week?

  3. StevenSWM says:

    Very well spoken, and very comprehensive detail of just what you do. Printing out the example at the end was a nice touch!
    You've built a great physique. It will be interesting following your fitness journey…Thx!

  4. NCS Sounds says:

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  5. Jdm uncle ! says:

    Full natty brehh?

  6. tommy f says:

    what supplements do you take??

  7. Icy One says:

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