Standing AB Workout 2015!

No more floor abs. You can get a great ab workout standing! You will need a light dumbbell for this workout.
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21 Responses

  1. mimi4sure says:


  2. Taylor Crown says:

    Super Good Exercises and damn great execution!!!!!

  3. Lisa lisa says:

    she is amazing,im a Mexican with no ass,i would kill to have half of hers,she is beautiful and looks crazy good..She works hard..i wish I had half your energy…very inspirational too me..keepthe bad comments to yourself.

  4. MsTLuv says:

    Amazing! This is the best standing ab workout I've seen!!! Def about to put this in the works.

  5. gonemurphin says:

    Great workout and love the music. Who is the artist?

  6. Keep up the great work SISTAH. Women are dying trying to cosmetically add some junk to their trunk that we have naturally. Haters gon hate, shrug it off and laugh I do. They tuned in to see how it's done, right. I love my bubble butt.

  7. Todd Kelley says:

    Put that work in girl!!! Good job!

  8. i NEED try this…thanks for sharing ur workout.☺

  9. greenavelli says:

    Why all the negative comments? If she's doing a exercise incorrectly please comment. If she's correct then post your negativity on yahoo

  10. happy to finally have found some who has a booty and thighs like me #teamnatural #Igotitfrommymom all I need is that flat stomach= NEW SUBBIE 😁

  11. joannmartini says:

    I'm Asian, so my butt is naturally flat unless i do lots of different butt exercises almost every day for months :( I wish I had her butt lol

  12. Thank you for your videos, this will be my morning routine. And thanks for the music and not all that chatting so I can't repeat watch daily.

  13. in my opinion she has a beautiful body! thumbs up!

  14. Simply Put says:

    I got tired just watching this! Whew!
    But it encouraged me.
    If she can do this, SO CAN I!!!

  15. omg..u r too sexy..i loved ur exercise..can do these at u bae.

  16. Sheila, Boyd says:

    ja o video for call Verizon r r r b ova for a c get giv β˜ΊπŸ˜—πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. Dinah Harvey says:

    kudos to you my sister. I've worked out off and on, and believe me it pays off. if you start slacking off the body Will feel it, as well see it too. Don't give up

  18. y'all have started with negative comments.. Eish y'all are applying for a ticket to go to hell lemme keep quiet

  19. Summer Shore says:

    brick built apparel i have a pudge in the front i dont even care about abs at this point..will n'this rid me of my pudge?

  20. This woman has an awesome body!! Body goals for sure!

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