Hey Guys!! So this is an informative one! I decided to do a full body workout video to show you different exercises and how they target different body parts. I personally like to train a separate body part each day, or sometimes pick 2 to work together. But overall, this is an insane workout if you try it out! I LOVE circuit training! so I hope you take some knowledge away from this workout to add into your own workout routine! Love you guys so much! Oh yeah! Im Vegan now! So I will be throwing Vegan recipes videos soon toooooo!

Workout Consists of:

Warm Up
Push Ups
Tricep Dips
Jumping Jacks
Jump Squats
x3 Sets

Shoulder Circuit

Dumbbell Press
Dumbbell Flys
Upright Rows
10-12 Reps x 3 sets

Back Circuit

Bent Over Barbell Row
Single Arm Dumbbell Row
Assisted Pull Ups
10-12 Reps x3 Sets

Leg Circuit

Dumbbell Squats
Weighted Lunges
Step Ups on Bench
8-12 Reps x 3 Sets

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31 Responses

  1. Ray J J says:

    Do we do the warm up of push ups three times before the workout or were doing this entire workout three times?


  3. Nikki M says:


  4. perfect total body w.o.!

  5. i love you 😭😭😍😍😘

  6. Gill says:

    Thanks for this video and tips!

  7. Erum Razvi says:

    I just did this entire workout – including the ab workout and cardio – I have to say, you are a BEAST! You go girl!!! I loved the intensity of this, my body really needed this. I just started lifting for a few weeks now, thanks for being an awesome inspiration :) <3

  8. Desi vs white,,like your colour .

  9. Dayunngggggg gurl at 6.29 whooooooooveeeeeeeee 👌🏻😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥lit

  10. nice yr really really nice

  11. Andrea Woods says:

    This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much!!

  12. veiledcandle says:

    You are such an inspiration… Quick question – how do you pick the exercises you perform in each workout

  13. Meera Blah says:

    Please do another workout VIEDO!!!! Xxxx

  14. Wowww Nav ….😊💃🏻👍👍👍👍👍grt job really helpful video …..m struggling to loose weight after my baby ….but really it's very hard for me at this point of time😔😞

  15. AdiDoinStuff says:

    More brown people, need to lift

  16. Nep Colours says:

    Hi, I have a question unrelated to the video. I have been working out for a month now and currently I dont know anyone who I can ask this question to.
    Exercising for about a month inititates bleeding (spotting) in between my periods. I do moderately high intensity workouts (never had injuries due to exercising any part of my body). I train 2hrs a day 6 days a week. Is this normal?

  17. Sarah Reyes says:

    you should do hone. workouts (: BTW I love you're videosss!!!

  18. love the music too 😀

  19. A Kaushal says:

    Hey you are so inspiring. Just the motivation I need to get back into the gym :)

    I would like to start this full body workout. Can you please confirm how long it takes and also if I do this 3 or 4 times a week, when can I expect to see results?

    Also, how many calories do you burn with this workout?


  20. veryyy nice! love what u do!

  21. zaynab xx says:

    soo pretty gurl x

  22. Hey Nav! Big fan of your videos. Love the punjabi music you use in videos and crazy af workout. Respect!

  23. manika singh says:

    awesome video!! can you pls tell me which rice do u eat?? pls thanks xo

  24. tasha xo says:

    hi love this but could you please do a at home workout routine as i cant afford to go to the gym atm xxxxx

  25. Sousou Ban says:

    love you so mutch you are my inspiration

  26. Are you ever gonna have a meet and greet?

  27. Hey Navpreet😊
    Recently I came across your YouTube channel last night and watched half of the videos already!
    You are SO inspiring to me, not just in terms of fitness, there is so much more to you and your videos! Also I like how crisp and short and up to the mark each of your videos is! 😀Please upload your more videos and vlogs regularly. You're beautiful inside out.

    I'm on my journey to fitness. I started eating clean and working out since a month. I've seen your workout videos, they are FAB! But it takes a long time to reach up to a level where one can lift that heavy and go deadlifts. It'll d really helpful if you start a series about fitness for beginners too.

    Lots of love.❤️
    Give my love to your sister as well. 🤗
    P.S- your playlist is amazing!

  28. I really loved this video! Do you think the stairmaster suffices for daily cardio? Everytime I run (treadmill, track, outside etc.) I seem to be getting shin splints :( and I am not sure how to get my cardio in that isn't too much impact on my knees or shins

  29. Sunethra K says:

    You lost weight in your midsection. Looks good!

  30. Sary Sary says:

    You r beautiful 😊

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