HOME WORKOUT FOR WOMEN – WALK AT HOME OR JOG – Full Body Toning, Weight Loss ideal for beginners

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Walk at home or jog at home with this fun Home Workout total body exercise video. This is a great workout for every fitness level and an ideal beginners workout. This full body routine is easy to follow and takes juts 16 minutes and no equipment is needed. You will be toning up all over and this is great if are looking to burn calories and lose weight. Lucy xx

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16 Responses

  1. No Name says:

    I only discovered you recently but I'm loving your videos. I've done this work out this morning and enjoyed it so much I did it again straight after. I've lost 3 stone since Feb, have another 2 to go. I'm thinking about quitting the gym and using your videos instead. Thank you for your help xx

  2. Becky Bons says:

    Love these walking workouts Lucy! Would love to see more of them, please. Thank you so much for all you do to keep us fit and happy.

  3. Omg yes please!!! I found you a couple weeks ago and have already done all your walking videos several times. I am so addicted. They're so great for me to throw in during my day as study breaks! Thank you so much xxx

  4. Great workout video as usual Lucy. I thoroughly enjoyed this one!!!!

  5. Love all your walks, I look forward to a walk everyday after work!

  6. Kicca Rey says:

    I have just completed this workout and it was amazing, I burned 150 calories and I am feeling great πŸ˜‰ thanks Lucy!!

  7. Hi Lucy. … can I loose weight while toning excercise

  8. Paul McCann says:

    Lucy is this safe to do while pregnant

  9. Moto G 3 says:

    amazing Lucy πŸ‘Œ

  10. thank u so much for dis vedio lucy

  11. thanks so much this work out is awesome like all your other😘 ones how many calories can we burn with this work out

  12. i love theses works outs and your ability to think outside the box! which even when i am out of breath and 'glowing' I still love and never get board.

  13. sarahs817 says:

    I really like these workouts! I did high knees for some of the jogging sections (even though I didn't want to at first) and I feel great! Thank you! Can't wait for July's challenge!

  14. Amanda MC says:

    been doing your workouts for 2 weeks now & i love this! the heart rate monitor on my activity tracker read 152 when finished….just in case you were curious. πŸ˜‰

  15. can I do this exercise in my rest days?

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