Advanced HIIT Workout (QUICK & PAINFUL!!)

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This advanced HIIT workout is a HIIT workout with no equipment that will totally wipe you out in a short period of time. It’s a quick and intense HIIT workout designed to help you burn as much fat as possible in a short period of time. If you are looking to build strength and decrease your body fat you should try this brutal HIIT workout.

There are a total of 6 exercises in this advanced fat burning HIIT workout. You’ll start with the first two exercises in Part 1 in the following way. Do each of the exercises in part 1 for 30 seconds and repeat until you hit 6 minutes for this home HIIT workout. Then move onto Part 2 of this no equipment HIIT workout and do the next two exercises in the same way. Repeat for Part 3 of this advanced HIIT cardio workout. This entire home HIIT workout should take 18 minutes if you take no rest. Try not to take any rest during this bodyweight HIIT routine if you are advanced, but if you need to take some rest after each of the 6 minute parts. If you are a beginner take as much rest as you need to during this intense HIIT workout.

Here are the parts that make up this quick HIIT workout:


1) Pike Jumps (30 seconds)
2) Lay Down Knee Drive (30 seconds)
Repeat above for 6 minutes


1) Remix Jump Squats (30 seconds)
2) Knee To Wrist Slide Planks (30 seconds)
Repeat above for 6 minutes


1) Lateral Burpee (30 seconds)
2) Double High Knees (30 seconds)
Repeat above for 6 minutes

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13 Responses

  1. Dr Garima says:

    Hello mam
    Nice workout. But i m having chondromalacia patelle due to gymming, so my knees are painful. Can i do this workout. Plz help. If i cannot do it then make some HIIT workouts for whole body with low impact on my knees. And plz tell aftr how long can i start tough exercises agn. Mam plz reply really need ur help in this coz i want to be fit n loose weight.

  2. Natalie says:

    I feel like she would make me cry on the daily lol

  3. I like this Melissa, thank you!

  4. I can tell she's a tough trainer from all the workout she's making us do. Lol😬

  5. Lorie French says:

    I have pain on my feet, jumping makes it worse to where I have to stay off of them the reminder of the day. Is there a H.I.I.T. workout I can do without being on my feet?

  6. qwerty - says:

    Melissa the type of gal to workout even harder on her rest day than her usual training day

  7. Racquel Cook says:

    Oh man….this is good

  8. GG German says:

    With this kind of name of the workout you just know it's got to be Melissa 😂

  9. Malisa you did push up on fists. I can never think of doing that 😬

  10. Laura G says:

    Will try, it looks nasty lol

  11. Please please share stretches for frozen shoulder. My tricep muscle is in real pain since last 3 months

  12. 18 mins seem short but that work out really advanced… I can't do a push up yet

  13. How long of a break in between sets after the 6 minutes

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