5 minute Abs & Core workout

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No time to go workout? Come try this routine!
If you are determined, go do for another 3-4 rounds!

Song name: Tough Guy (instrumental)
Artist: Celldweller

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21 Responses

  1. Zed Yasuo says:

    @Chilli Plays it's every day do it 4-3 times

  2. Chilli Plays says:

    when it says 4 sets does that mean i have to do it 4 more times in a week or a day ?

  3. savvy525 says:

    Love this. Quick, efficient, and gets the job done! This is the only core video that I am doing on YouTube.

  4. اووي فوديته شكد حلو

  5. Arcane Dummy says:

    Youre so tough dude

  6. Curtis Weber says:

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  8. I love this workout it easy not too hard but gets you sore and sweaty. Plus looking at that hot body gives me a lot of determination to push my self and look closer to yours 🔥

  9. if I do 3 SETS of this, how many times per week do I have to do it ?

  10. i like it your all type workout

  11. anyone realise the black guy watching in the background??!

  12. Zed Yasuo says:

    btw , my height is 5,9 im 13 and i weigh 113 pounds my body fat percentage is 18%

  13. Zed Yasuo says:

    Hi, Im planning on doing this 3-4 times in the morning and night , how long will it take me to get abs if i do that?

  14. Ricky Bronze says:

    So technically it's 20 minutes since you need to do at least 4 rounds for it to be effective

    Also, that last one is so hard to do because my feet slide back on all the sweat xD

  15. Nice exercises. The last one I think it's more difficult. 👀

  16. Ali Ali says:

    that's I'm talking about thanks this is cool one dude 1:00

  17. I do levered plank for 1 min

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