Quick 5 Minute HIIT Home Workout with Carly Rowena

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Got 5 minutes for a quick workout? You’re going to LOVE this quick and sweaty home workout! This home workout comes from fellow YouTuber Carly Rowena, we partnered up to share workouts from eachothers channel in order to spread the girl power, love and muscles – yeah! You only need 5 minutse for this quick home workout (or longer if you want to keep it going – up to you!) Even if you’re new to HIIT, you can totally do this workout at your own pace and tempo.

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11 Responses

  1. Johnny Hall says:

    I love it THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Fadi Talel says:

    i love you the fact miss Lunden you are a ethics wonderful

  3. Fadi Talel says:

    Lunden sousa you are very coach supet super sympa and cool

  4. I am dilighted to see you m. Lunden of corse I like this video I love you m Linden So so so 💕💕👏👏👑👍

  5. DJ Nev says:

    Can you make a video about core workout 😊

  6. Great video! Love the collab!

  7. Love this I wish I was home to do this work out right now💪🏽

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