Quick Total Ballet Body Workout – Easy & In Less Than 15 Minutes!

❀ Hi my lovelies! Back with another video! Hope to be posting another video this week as well, stay tuned! I love these kind of workouts, and apparently you guys do too, since my first ballet workout reached 100,000 views a while ago! I’m so thankful for this!! Thank you guys so much! Hope to reach to another 100,000 views! ‘Til next time, xoxo ❀

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24 Responses

  1. MrRatherino says:

    doable…a real -pro….

  2. Erika Durand says:

    I did this without wrist weights and holy crap! My arms are burning so much, this workout is amazing!!!

  3. MooMooLuna says:

    Wow! Thanks for this workout. Ex dancer and want to get into it again. This was an awesome start!

  4. Please share your quads workout! or do you build them at the gym?


  6. Fantastic! A quick workout but with a punch!! loved it.

  7. Aaah, I started dancing ballet with 6 years old and stopped when I was 14. Because my parents thought I should concentrate more on school. I'm 22 now and it was so much fun, I didn't wanted the video to end. I tried out different sports last year (jogging, pilates, pop pilates, swimming, …) and always thought "When is my class finally finished!"

    Thank you for this video and for bringing the fun of working out back into my life!

  8. Damn Quad muscle goals girl!! 💪

  9. Could you do morning routine for ballet
    Btw I love your videos😘❤️

  10. Meionaise says:

    My arms really hurt after doing this the first time, I forgot to stretch them :(

  11. how many times should I do this?

  12. Safra Nazir says:

    How many days a week should you do this and when do you start seeing results

  13. Patrick says:


  14. 蕭儀婷 says:

    I love your ballet workout

  15. Guodi Nuke says:

    That's so amazing!
    Thank you for these insanely useful videos ♡
    You are my inspiration, thank you ☆
    Can I ask how old are you? And when did you started to figure skating? ♡

  16. amelieschulz says:

    Are you Mary Helen Bowers sister or something? xD

  17. Ballet Workout! My favorite from you. Love these.

  18. Can you do a calf workout?

  19. Annie Noel says:

    yes thanks so much!!!

  20. jazinegrrrl says:

    You are the best. Love the ballet workouts and your body conditioning workouts. Keep them coming. 😀

  21. Cleo Lau says:

    Yes ballet workouts are back!



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