Wake Up and GO HIIT Workout – At Home HIIT Cardio Routine

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We use PowerBlock’s adjustable dumbbells, find them @: http://bit.ly/yDWK7V

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50 Responses

  1. Nelia Ollar says:

    ∂σ үσυ ωαηт тσ ℓσss ωειgнт ιη נυsт 3 ωεεкs тнαη cнεcк συт тнιs : – http://lkn.li/NVUco?47547

  2. Looks like an awesome workout. Thank you. Will try it this morning. Wish me luck. <3

  3. So this workout for girls only?

  4. Is it okey if I do this in the morning before breakfast ???

  5. Ryunigia says:

    another one down~

  6. Chuchubi91 says:

    Jumping lunge splits after that ski squat sumo squat combo was cruel…

  7. Kathryn says:

    This got me out of a workout rut. Thanks!

  8. Noldy says:

    Wooow. I held the planks from the 2nd round throughout the rest period till the end. Today was the last day of FbFit 8 weeks & it was supposed to be PFT day but I decided to do this instead of taking a rest lol. Short but sweaty.

    Workout complete 01.02.2017 – 5.41am.

  9. Val Mel says:

    Hi. Enjoyed this workout! I am trying to get back in shape so this perfect. How many times would u recommend doing this in a week? Thanks

  10. after 5 minutes of rest I am back from the dead . I am so proud I did it .

  11. #workoutcomplete I'm getting better at these HIIT workouts!!♡

  12. I'm so longing for a good body and honestly, her body is my inspiration. I really want to have that kind of body. Hope to have it

  13. Banana LBF says:

    im 14. so can i do this hiit

  14. I think I synced my yawning with your deep breaths, Kelli. 😀
    I just finished a long cardio workout and I couldn't be more drained.

  15. love love love Kelly and Daniel. you guys are so adorable. great personalities. keep up the great work. thanks to you I have a n e body.

  16. anita says:

    can i do this before breakfast or should i eat something before this workout?

  17. Jojo Nehal says:

    how much calories can be burned by doing the same?

  18. Hana Ⓥ says:

    i stopped exercising because i got sick now i cant do squats or lunges because my knees are giving up on me,so depressing

  19. janise DANAE says:

    just finished love these quick and effective workouts. my child wants to go to the park i needed something i can do quick full out and get a nice sweat in. shower now park.

  20. Anne Marie says:

    So effective !! Really good workout!

  21. alive0iera says:

    This is one of my go-to workouts! Thank you guys for being so awesome

  22. i love all u video..i do the fat burning..3x a week…and i realize my thight became smaller already..love ittt

  23. I love this workout!! You really feel the burn on your front thighs & legs! Ou wee! I added this in my Workout Playlist! Love u guys!!

  24. Emily says:

    fitness blender is the best!!! There are workouts for all levels! My whole family loves fitness blender!

  25. Nn105 says:

    When i saw the time in this workout I thought that it will be easy but i was wroong 😂 the cardio part was hard and the core part was burn i reaaally enjoyed this workout 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 thankyou fitnessblender ❤️

  26. Anna-Rosé says:

    One of my favourite HIITS ever-effective but in a small space of time💪🏼

  27. Mimi says:

    By far one of my fave hiit routines!!!

  28. Milla G. says:

    Kelly you're the hottest…

    Tommorow I'll try this

  29. You guys are amazing! That was my very first HIIT Workout that I searched cause it's effective for belly fat loss, and after doing that and wathing your other videos I'm in love with you! Definitely will start your 5 Day Challenge and then choose some "long-distance" program. Thank you!

  30. confessa says:

    Aww Kelli it was really endearing seeing how you were too tired to properly complete the pushup and planks. guess even amazingly fit people get tired haha really love all your workouts and your cheerful voice really pushes me to go the extra bit.

  31. Do you have special exercise to lose fat at legs, bottom fat in general? Thank you

  32. Great way to start off the day! Thanks Kelli!

  33. pmgmsd says:

    Thanks again for everything guys! You're the best!

  34. can someone plssssss suggest what shoes to wear during HIIT workout???
    much help!!

  35. Elana Viner says:

    I enjoy your workouts! also love the option of playing my own music. Also your smile made it easier to get through that last part.

  36. K H-C says:

    I love your shorter duration, mid-level HIIT workouts like this one. They're perfect to pair with your other workouts of other types, like toning or strength. This is one of my faves I keep coming back to.

  37. Absolutely love your workouts! I do them every night. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  38. chiaraoderso says:

    Okay best Workout for Wake up! Perfectly for the abs and Oberschenkel :) Perfect for After School .) Workout Complete :)

  39. what does hiit stand for

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