Ab Exercises For Beginners | Natalie Jill

Today, we are Whittling Your Middle!
Using your own body weight and a small space to get that flat belly and our abs!
1. Shimmies
2. Hands to toes!
3. Plank side to side

Ab exercises for beginners in this video! Whittle down that middle!
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30 Responses

  1. Lilly Goq says:

    i like the 3:50 one. my stomach made a noise 😀 :D

  2. How long should this last for?

  3. Who is watching this but not actually doing it😂

  4. my neck is getting a work out 😖

  5. Tina Masters says:

    you call that beginner?

  6. wow her body is crazy. I hope to have abs like that one day

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this video! I repeated the exercise twice and was satisfied with the burn.

  8. David Gabrie says:

    what do you do for stomach cramp when you push yourself too hard?

  9. Thanks for the video!!! i think this is the most user friendly ab workout I've tried!! I can actually do it so I don't feel like an idiot when I can't make it through a workout…

  10. hi Natalie…love ur videos…need to ask u one thing…y should I feel tired and exhausted through out the day after workout? I have been working out since last 45 days….I dnt feel problem during my workout…problem starts wen my body cools down. pls reply.thanks

  11. Vonnie Rush says:

    You make these look so easy….

  12. ddiamond090 says:

    Can I use a pillow for my head for the 1st one lol my neck hurts 😕

  13. Jeriko251 says:

    sorry, was that last one a stretch?

  14. Kombz says:

    Great vid but lol whittling the middle it made me laugh

  15. D!VA Kisses says:

    Hi, I Just Had A Baby 6 Months Ago,And Unfortunately I Got Depressed And Still Ate Like I Was Pregnant. Now Im Bigger Than Ever And I Want To Lose Some Weight. My Stomach Is Big And Has Extra Skin Too… Yet Idk Where To Start. My Arms Legs Or Stomach? Plus Idk How To Diet… Any Advice?

  16. When you do the plank twists #goals
    Those abs are RIPPED

  17. Anet Morejon says:

    I couldn't feel anything while I was doing any of the exercises what does that mean 😔😔

  18. when this video first started I didn't feel anything in my core but as I watched further I started to feel the burn. I'm going to add this into my normal workout session and see what difference it makes.

  19. Whatever I do,I can't get through the first one. I rest my head back,relax it,and try to work out,but it will hurt and strain within two seconds of the exercise. I don't know what to do about it.

  20. would it be okay for me to do the second exercise with my leg bend? I can't keep it straight.

  21. i love these exercises i do them every day and Im really starting to see a difference in my stomach. thank you much for doing a video for beginners on the abs it really helped me allot.

  22. How long should I do this and how many times?

  23. Van Iyke says:

    Sara Solomon actually brought me here.

  24. Eltsu 80 says:

    Those mattworkouts still hurts my neck even I tried hold my head with my hands?? And that last exercise is not those who are beginners 😂 … I can't did it.

  25. moviestar241 says:

    hello Natalie jill every time I do crunches or sit ups my back and neck hurt is there anything else I can do to get a smaller tummy.

  26. Natalie I really like this really helps me be healthy and fit . and and I love this exercise because it helped me the house to me because I'm on the 105pound person and my goal is to be 80pounds

  27. your exercise was grate it help me I think I lost a few pounds

  28. webbers94 says:

    Tried this. I can't do it. It pulls on my neck (fused).

  29. Wow, Natalie's muscles are incredible! Mad respect I can't wait to try these moves out at the gym tomorrow. I'm in the very beginning of my fitness journey but I won't ever stop! 

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