Jay Cutler: What To Eat Pre & Post Workout

What are the best foods to eat pre and post workout? Jay Cutler explains what you should eat before and after your workouts to maximize your results.

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48 Responses

  1. Great info! Thank you

  2. AzatisS says:

    One needle on left ass before and one after and youll gain 20-30 pounds in a year. Simple stuff

  3. How about your grams of DRUGS…

  4. jim jones says:

    fucking piece of shit. you're downsizing cause u dont inject as much gh. the only meal u need to get bigger is more gh. fact.

  5. nice video. thanks for the tips Jay

  6. Shady Horse says:

    Thx bro this helped

  7. kai greene all the way

  8. support my channel y'all

  9. I found a protein bar called SCITEC JUMBO PROTEIN BAR (50g protein) do you think I should eat it after my workouts(you can search it on google)

  10. itscork says:

    But why aren't you a more consistent quarterback?
    I am so SICK of losing to Green Bay every year.
    Get with the program, dammit!

  11. abstracttony says:

    no steroids hmmm. these so called pros are full of shit and are illegal drug abusing morons that do not have the balls to do it naturally. Take their drugs away you would not recognize them in less then 5 months.

  12. Frank Stah says:

    he forgot to mention for the gh procces in the body while training its better to eat only protein after workout then wait 1 hour and eat ur carbs a lot of pros drink shake only protein till they get home shower prepare its 1 hour then they eat carbs

  13. Yung Cunt says:

    next episode ask what method does he use to wipe his ass

  14. wow……he looks just like C16 from dragon Ball z

  15. Jay looks like Hell Boy in this video.

  16. out of all the body builders I enjoy following Jays training, and dieting the most. I think cause He has a balance on everything when it comes to this sport and it's right on target.

  17. John King says:

    He sounds like Peter griffin

  18. Jay looks a lot fresh here…

  19. Imagine It says:

    He has beautiful hands and nails

  20. Rommie26 says:

    White rice even when you're cutting? White rice is all starch which is stored as body fat

  21. He looks like a burnt sweet potato. Oh wait, wrong channel.

  22. Bruce Wayne says:

    Eat ass Pre and pussy Post, i do this with tren and i look like Hulk

  23. what's a post work out I just started so I bought a protein thing for muscle growth and it say I should drink between major meals post workouts and before bed

  24. DANY theYAG says:

    Do you ever eat bread?

  25. Kyle Edwards says:

    Im 14 been st gym for about two months now playing football in high school next year i way 213 pounds what should i eat after a workout and how do i build muscle and lose belly fat please help

  26. Jadeer JD says:

    oh he forgot to mention about Jabbing his Big Ass with couple Roids 😂

  27. Atif Khan says:

    sir pre and post meal timming?

  28. Okay, I can't find this anywhere, but how long after a workout should a Rum and Coke be introduced? What's the best timing? Should It be before or after, or during?

  29. What makes a good pre and post workout meal? What criterion are world-class bodybuilders following for a perfect pre and post workout
    meal to get the best out of their training?

  30. whats ur problems the natty fags in the comments with his steroid use ? Do you even know how steroids work fucking skinny little faggots ?

  31. Cmjohnston7 says:

    watching in 2016. thanks for the tips JC!

  32. Richard Lowe says:

    great video thanks for the info.

  33. He for got steroids

  34. This is great, thanks!!

  35. Joe McKeown says:

    Take notes, paleos: carbs don't make you fat.

  36. Damian Kim says:

    Didn't expect that voice

  37. MagicWayne says:

    He is a hard worker and a champion. He's really cool too. Phil Heath among other pros are complete assholes. Jay Cutler is awesome.

  38. i totally disagree the body need right after gym carbohidrate

  39. Dan Stennis says:

    good video. thanks Jay!

  40. astroboirap says:

    he's fucking tiny!!! lol

  41. Why is it necessary to wait 15 minutes before eating the fruit? Would it be harmful to eat it alongside the protein shake ?

  42. MB031 says:

    So chicken and white rice..hmmm.. and no steroids??!!!

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