Short Full-Body Workout w/ Resistance Bands | Natalie Jill

Doing a short workout with resistance bands! Adding a little extra resistance to our body weight workout.
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About Natalie: Hi everyone, thank you so much for subscribing to my channel! I share how to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and FIT through un-processing your diet, training functionally and using your own body weight with limited time and busy schedules. Join me weekly here as I share workouts, tips, nutrition help, recipes, and more!

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21 Responses

  1. AAwesооооmеe job

  2. apbearg says:

    That's the easiest and best glutes exercise I've ever tried, and I have tried most of them. It's really simple and really works'em out!

    Thanks for that!👍

  3. Cane Corso says:

    How long are you training for reaching this figure ? :) I am going to try this workout, you´re my big inspiration!

  4. This is great I love it

  5. Marie Ruffin says:

    I'm new to your videos and i had to subscribe after the last workout, because when i got up, the pain i was in lol.

  6. Andrea says:

    Just bought some stretch bands.. Can't wait to try your exercises!! Awesome video

  7. amanda ruby says:

    Geeze it wasn't that hard

  8. It was refreshing to see you express the challenge and pain and strain that one would feel when doing these exercises. It makes us feel as if you're really in it with us and its better motivation than watching a guru performing each exercise perfectly! Thank You :)

  9. yo mama says:

    who else jerks off to this

  10. Hie Jabbal says:

    Hi Jill how do you achieve those muscular arms???

  11. Kwanza O. says:

    Great workout!!!! I love quick and effective workouts!!!!

  12. I love your capris!! What brand are they???

  13. sresto1 says:

    new subscriber here love the video

  14. sresto1 says:

    yesterday I got the other band and now with this video I want the other one

  15. Thanks for this! I've been doing it daily along with my other exercises :)

  16. Ian Abbott says:

    Can I See Your Ribs

  17. thanks for this video. .realy great work out

  18. Whhhooooo!!! I am on fire!! LOL that was amazing!!!

  19. Edmond Toma says:

    Just an FYI…if you watch this with closed captioning, the translation is very inaccurate, sometimes funny, sometimes uses naughty words. :)

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