Pre and Post Workouts Meals

The best pre and post workout meals in my opinion. Every bodybuilder, gym rat, athlete, fitness person has to have proper nutrition in order to build muscle, stamina and strength. I will tell you what the best pre and post workout meals are. I will discuss carbs, proteins, fats and sugars. Remember guys the 3 most important meals of a bodybuilders diet are breakfast, pre workout and post workout. Every meal counts but you better not miss these 3 ever!!! So if you wanna get big, get swole, add on some muscle watch this!
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  1. So glad you posted this!!! Always look forward to your videos and they always apply to stuff I need to know at the moment! Been having to workout in the afternoons/evenings with my husband's new schedule (gone month at a time) so I'm not working out fasted first thing in the morning as much as normal. Good stuff to know and will help with working out the kinks of a night routine.

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