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Watch this video as I share my personal experience with CosmoBody’s “Sexier by Saturday” challenge. I took the challenge to get ready for my Birthday weekend. You too can transform your body & life with these short and effective exercises.

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40 Responses

  1. Tayo Odesola says:

    PLZZZ DO A VIDEO ON THIS!! OR SOMETHING RELATED TO IT PLZZZ!!!! also please do more fat burning videos and the quickest ways to burn fat! Thanks x

  2. Adoro seus videos Joana Soh, pratico todos os dias

  3. I'm looking for good running / fitness / … shoes. could you help me finding the appropriate one?

  4. I'm really upset. There is no way to cancel the subscription to COSMOBODY. I'm gonna have to cancel my card which is so inconvenient for me. There is a number but all that does is send me to a FULL voicemail… 😡😡
    BTW the reason I'm canceling is because it does not work on my phone. 

  5. Salma Martan says:

    Oh my God I love you think you think you ❤️

  6. fuchhiee says:

    Hi unnie,
    I will be trying the cosmobody with ur promo code.
    Thank you

  7. el3ash Uae says:

    oh your body change so much. But I feel it will be too dificult for me if it for you is dificult lool.

  8. Jess Lee says:

    Hi Joanna, thank you so much for sharing the cosmo body! I was curious so I signed up for the 30 day free trail, and it's very interesting! some workouts are very hard to follow lol..  However I can't find anywhere to unsubscribe..@_@ and I'll be away for 4 months so even if they charge me I won't be able to use the videos… Pls advice..! Thank you so much!!! 

  9. WakaiBi says:

    i tried joining but won't accept my zip code :S

  10. Aww. How sad. I can't still access :'( Cause I'm from the Philippines. The zip code doesn't allow me to sign up :'( +Joanna Soh 

  11. Cutiepuppy says:

    Can you show the full videos of your workout in the cosmo challenge please!!!!!!!😝

  12. สวัสดีค่ะ ดิฉันชอบคุณมากค่ะ สวย หุ่นดีมากค่ะ

  13. Will there be a notice after 30days of free usage if I still want to continue? Please help me understand their conditions. Cause I only want to use 30days free and stop so I won't be charged, how will I stop the subscription after 30 days? Please +Joanna Soh Thanks a lot.

  14. Hello +Joanna Soh When it says free for 30days and after that I will be charged. Please help me, how can or how will I stop  the promotion after 30 days? So that I won't be charge. Please. It's my first time to sign up. And I'm afraid cause I might be charge even if I already ended the 30days.

  15. Ana jaja says:

    how to control snacking or cravings? D:

  16. Rawan Fh says:

    Wow! I have to try that , but after I lose 10 pound I gonna try it that's gift from my self 💪

  17. melisa ko says:

    Joanna! I signed up entered the promo code but I forgot to apply. Then I thought I would be charged and cancelled the subscription. However, I still access to the videos. Am I still gonna be charged for the month? O:

  18. Akkikofnu says:

    Thanks a lot for this video! You just motivated me to go for a run as regularly as I used to <3

  19. Joe Mama says:

    Are the Cosmo workouts for girls or guys it seems pretty gay for a guy doing them

  20. Joe Mama says:

    That guy looked gay doing that butt shit lol

  21. Joe Mama says:

    Hey Johanna I started the challenge how do we send u pics?

  22. Emma Chua says:

    hey joanna, wao !! are u malaysian ? i'm malaysian too, look forward meet u in malaysia!!!

  23. Henna Khan says:

    Hi Joanna,
    I really like your videos although sometimes they are hard for me :). I must tell you that you have become more brighter in Malaysia. For cosmobody which videos to follow if you could guide me? I want to lose weight as well as tone up my body from arms, LBT areas.Thank you.

  24. i want to do this but you also say that we have to eat healthy, its so hard to eat healthy when your parents are the one who buy the food, and they dont really buy healthy stuff. do you have any advice on what i should do because of this issue? you look great, that really looks like it works! :)

  25. sakurasoh says:

    Welcome home Joanna. Thanks for the weight loss tips and advice!!

  26. pearlipop says:

    Joanna may I ask why you moved back to malaysia?

  27. Aya Rashid says:

    Hey jonnah,
    I am a university student and while I study I feel hungry and I often eat choclet bars also after lectures. That's break my diet, but I don't what to eat to re-charge my brain of sugar and give an energy.
    plz help .. or make a video 😢

  28. Solange says:

    Dear +Joanna Soh , i just discovered that im not losing weight because i have Hashimoto , what should I do? .TT_TT

  29. the link isn't working for me D:

  30. Shish Ikonye says:

    the link does not work 

  31. beanie joe says:

    Please upload your 6days workout please … Ilysm , you're my inspiration to workout :)

  32. beanie joe says:

    Hi I want to know more about all these workout . Can u please give us the details about how many exercise you do each day through that week by post a video ? I'm kinda confuse about what you say in this video . I have gain many weights and I almost back to school I'm afraid I'm not fit in my uniform T_T . Please please …

  33. I wish this was compatible with the xbox formats since I bring all my work outs up on there. =[

  34. Comi18 says:

    Well, I will start tomorrow. I need to ask you how much exercises and what kind of exercises I should do?  And how many times in a day? :)
    Btw, thanks, you're great! :)

  35. Joanna. You are Malaysian PROUD!!! You are so motivating and inspiring! great body^^

  36. Ginji Bby says:

    Hi Joanna! I started eating clean, drinking LOTS of water, and working out. I learned that a person who's trying to lose eight should eat 5-6 meals a day but I just don't get hungry after eating breakfast until late afternoon or sometimes until evening. Will that keep me from my wish to speed up my metabolism? I usually eat eggs on toast and veggies on the side like the one you showed us in one of your videos. I tweaked it a bit and skipped the avocado, added a tiiiiny bit of chicken breast and cottage cheese. Thank you!

  37. alannah says:

    Thanks for the promo code <3 

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